Our Solution: Optimized refinery processes and equipment to improve utilization of assets, reduce operating cost and add value.

Starting with the development of site-wide strategic plans and Advanced Process Control (APC) benefits for specific process units, we identify and develop plans that deliver the best return-on-investment for our clients. Combining years of process control experience with a strong theoretical background, we conduct preliminary tests that provide a solid foundation for multivariable control applications. Our recommendations for PID control schemes and instrumentation surveys demonstrate our thorough understanding of process behavior. Using advanced statistical techniques for inferential development and fundamental lumped-models when appropriate, we deliver accurate inferential estimators. Step testing in the most efficient way to develop accurate models, and we commission controllers that operate at the right constraint combination. Constantly looking for potential benefits and best use of technology to solve specific problems, our focus is always on delivering value and workable solutions that will not be resource drains for maintenance.

Our customer service does not end there. After implementing the solution for your problem, we offer training for your refinery's staff. Our training technique is time-proven and strives to empower users. From our experience, we understand the needs of operations and engineering groups, and adopt a training technique that suits our clients' needs.

From technology evaluation and a review of existing APC, benefits studies and a post-audit, our services are customized to focus on our clients' needs. Every client project is treated with equal importance. We focus 100% of our efforts on every project and provide support for every application built.