Adaptive Control and Machine Learning Services

Machine learning and Adaptive Control Algorithms improve performance with experience. Performance of these controllers is measured using real-time data and is used to learn and adapt the control action to improve performance.

Singular Control Technologies offers custom solutions in Machine Learning and Adaptive Control to enhancements existing or new multivariable optimizing controllers.

Our focus is to develop and implement adaptive control algorithms that solve the most challenging control and optimization problems accurately and efficiently while delivering higher value from investments already made by oil refiners in their multivariable prediction control applications. The adaptive control algorithms increase the operating range over which multivariable controllers deliver value. From adaptive model update to adaptive tuning update, the goal is to improve measurable controller performance.

Our solutions are custom built and carefully engineered to match the complexity of your specific application, allowing it to perform well over a wide operating region by delivering higher value.

Applications are developed using commercial off-the-shelf software or custom modular software, allowing us to leverage leading technology experience without the high cost of licensing, computing power and services. Our solutions are also built after we identify the need for adaptive control.

With years of experiencing applying multivariable control technologies to optimize your oil refinery operations, we know the best applications for new and recent developments in Machine Learning and Adaptive Control to improve value delivered by your multivariable control and optimization applications.

Singular Control Technologies also provides services in applying machine learning algorithms to improve your existing inferential property estimators. Using real-time process data and laboratory data, model parameters are updated to improve predictions as new richer data becomes available.

Enhancements are all designed and developed in a modular and a custom fashion and are built to interface with your existing applications, allowing you to activate or inactivate these enhancements seamlessly.

Give us a chance to evaluate your most challenging multivariable applications to see if they’re ready for adaptive learning. Contact us to begin the evaluation process of your existing multivariable controls or to start the identification process to see where Machine Learning and Adaptive Control enhancements deliver value.